Wuhan Coronavirus, also known as 2019 nCoV, has a current death rate of 2-3%. This isn't as high as SARS, but similar to 1918 Spanish influenza. In Wuhan the number of infected is doubling every 6 days. Containment is complicated by the fact that patients can transmit infection before they know they're sick, before any symptoms. Mild infections resemble the flu. Patients can recover from symptoms, feel well, and still be highly contagious. Not all patients have symptoms, and asymptomatic people are potentially contagious. How infectious the dead bodies are is unknown.

Each patient infects 2.2 to 2.5 others. It's about as transmissible as Spanish flu. Ebola infects 2, but it's more lethal. It will not be controlled until each patient infects less than 1 other.

It appears to be out of control in China. Concerns are that countries with "fragile" public health sectors could become secondary sources for global infection. It might become endemic in some areas. The earliest any vaccine might be available is this Summer.




So far the youngest patient to die was 39. It mostly kills older people with health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

As a vulnerable person by age and health, I consider Wuhan coronavirus a personal threat.

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"...extreme differences in the amount and quality of testing carried out in different countries mean that official case records are largely uninformative..."

COVID-19: On average only 6% of actual SARS-CoV-2 infections detect...

"Dr Christian Bommer and Professor Sebastian Vollmer from Göttingen University have used estimates of COVID-19 mortality and time until death from a recent study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases to test the quality of official case records.

Their data shows that countries have only discovered on average about 6% of coronavirus infections and the true number of infected people worldwide may already have reached several tens of millions."

They report these percentages for detection fo COVID-19 infections:

  • South Korea  almost 50%
  • Germany 15.6%
  • Italy 3.5%
  • Spain 1.7%
  • United States 1.6%
  • United Kingdom 1.2%

Ten times as many New Yorkers are dying in their homes than normal ...

...we don’t actually know what the true toll from this disease is. The actual number of deaths is higher–possibly much higher.

In New York City, somewhere around 20-25 people die at home on a typical day. But according to City Council Member Mark Levine, who chairs the health committee, between 200 and 215 are dying at home every day at present. As Levine wrote on Twitter, only those “who are known to have a positive coronavirus test have the disease listed as the official cause on their death certificate.”

The lack of valid and reliable data leaves us managing as if we have no highway regulatory signs, no brakes, and the steering wheel is in the trunk. Even counting coffins yield us no valid information; some choose cremation. The death certificates offer causes of death as other than Covid-19, when, in fact, the virus caused pneumonia or other diseases. 

Capable reporters or skilled historians may be able to sort out the facts. 

Oh! my goodness! If we don't look for infections we don't have any idea of the actual rate of infections and death. 

If nations don't know how many infections exist, how can they decide to loosen the restrictions? It is absurd! 

I watch daily vlogs of homesteaders creating simpler lifestyles and see how hard it is, physically, mentally, and emotionally to become food-self-sufficient. It is no wonder people want to move to the cities and sit behind desks or toil at mundane jobs; they escape the drudgery of agricultural life. However, perhaps people would be happier living simpler lifestyles. 

I find no pleasure, interest, or inspiration watching urban lifestyles: long commutes to and from jobs and homes, breathing polluted air the entire day, and working for someone else for wages in this economy is foolish.

Wage-workers who work hard making profits that they do not share results in the decline of the middle class. With less money to spend, yet more goods and services that require money to have, render far too many wage-workers borrowing to satisfy appetites beyond their ability to pay. 

There has to be a better way to live! 

"covid-19 also injures the heart, kidneys, nervous & circulatory systems, intestines and liver."

"In a growing number of 'best case' countries, when lockdowns are lifted, they're having to be quickly re-instated as new outbreak blooms occur."

Several years ago, Chris Martenson foresaw the breakdown of systems including food shortages, and the health and economic crises. He bought a farm and started growing his own food. That process resulted in the book about resilience.

The Next Brewing Crisis: Health crisis, economic crisis, and now...food crisis?
by Chris Martenson, Thursday, April 16, 2020,

I recommend watching the video in this article, which compares droplet spread of talking with and without a mask.It's the third video.

Scientists aim to 'see' invisible transmission of coronavirus

When I talk with a cloth mask on, it immediately detaches from my nose, despite the carefully fitted nose wire, and starts coming off the nose. <eye roll>

If you catch COVID-19, don't use dextromethorphan cough suppressant.

"Research also found that the cough suppressant that can be found in over-the-counter cold and cough medicines, dextromethorphan, promoted viral activity."

The microscopic equivalent of a ‘shield’ could stop COVID-19 before...




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