There has been a major shot across President Donald Trump's bow and it came, believe it or not, from Fox News.  Specifically, it came from Fox reporter and commentator Neil Cavuto, in response to a Trump tweet which stated, among other things, "Fox isn't working for us anymore."  Whoa!  Next thing you know, Putin will turn over his kompromat on Trump to the CIA!

Seriously, though, the love affair between Fox and 45 has been more than a little frayed in recent days, and apparently, that latest tweet from the twit sufficiently irked Cavuto that he decided to return fire:

Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you. Just report on you.
-- Nick Cavuto, Fox News

Extraordinary words from a representative of an organization which, for the large part, HAS fawned over the president and rarely if ever ripped him.  Whether this is a marker for a change in attitude at Fox, perhaps signaling a genuine attempt at "fair and balanced" reporting (ignoring for the moment the likes of Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity), it may be we are looking at Another CHINK In The Wall that surrounds the special snowflake that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For those who are interested, here is a portion of Cavuto's response:

A link to Cavuto's tweet responding to the president is here.

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Well, apparently, something is broke (yet again!) with A|N's notification software, so I see I have to bump this thing to (hopefully!) get some attention on it.  Cavuto did something which I think is pretty damned significant here, and it deserves some notice.

People with some backbone need to stand up to that ass, but it seems so few & far between.

Well, Joe Walsh and Bill Weld are challenging him in the primaries.  I don't think either of them will oust Trump, but they may do some degree of damage.  Point being, there are breaks in the armor, and it's well past time some serious pokes were taken at them.

Yes, I have heard several things on our news, & that jerk has been too slippery for too long already. Long past time he was gone, & if nothing else, learn something about money not buying everything.....but I'm not holding my breath. I have never hated anyone I've never met, so much.

Yeah, I posted about this too before noticing that you'd already done so. There's a but...

As Margaret Sullivan puts it, Fox writ large and Trump are the “conjoined twins of misinformation.” If anything, Trump’s attacks have given the network a way to hype its largely nonexistent independence from him.

That Fox hasn't fired Cavuto or Shep Smith yet at least tells me they haven't gone utterly off the deep end, though the difference between them and that end of the pool could probably be measured in angstroms.

Angstroms? You mean tenths of nanometers! :-)

I can't say it better than you: "Not that I respect faux news, which has been a propaganda arm of the GOP for years. <sigh> But public transparent scorn [for fact-based journalism], that insistence on 100% bootlicking, it's a new you're-obsequious-or-you're-traitorous country."

Much more: "Contemptuous POTUS Immunity"

Anything and I mean ANYTHING that Fox News has to say, I take with roughly a pound of sodium chloride. That said, when a Fox representative has something to say like this, I have to at least take notice. Whether or not they are finally "getting religion," so to speak, it is still noteworthy.

Will it plant a seed of doubt in a few "Trump can do no wrong" folks? Who knows...

The True Believers? Almost certainly not. Those who actually bother to think and are evaluating what Trump is doing vs. What he saying? Just maybe.

I guess we can hope.




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