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Many of us are angry and despairing at the political landscape, especially with the recent unprecedented threats to democracy itself in the United States.

Let's pool our brains and amplify our influence! Letters and phone calls to our elected officials make an impact, even if they don't always do what we ask, since they're ultimately concerned about "reelection, reelection, reelection".

Especially with help from our friends, it's not difficult to write letters calling for specific actions and telling powerful stories. We can share talking points, drafts, and letters we've sent, as well as problems we encounter and replies we get.

(The title refers to the U.S. system, but you're welcome to share how you're communicating with your elected officials in any country.)

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Robert Mercer's psyops behind the extremist takeover

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Joan Denoo May 17. 11 Replies

Two hundred years ago the founding fathers created three branches of government, assuming that one party wouldn't dominate all three at once, and assuming that the legislative and executive branch actually wanted to govern the country as a…Continue

Tags: changing beliefs, white supremacist takeover, data analytics, psychological warfare, bio-psycho-social profiling

Write and Call and get friends involved

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Grinning Cat Sep 13, 2018. 3 Replies

I sometimes get discouraged. Here's advice from a Reddit user I found encouraging.On the topic of writing to congress.…Continue

Tags: adding your voice

Keep Families Together Act

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Grinning Cat Jun 21, 2018. 10 Replies

The actions of the current administration have had me incensed practically from the time they took office.  The depths to which they wish to descend appear to have few if any limits.  However, with the current action being taken against immigrants…Continue

Tags: Keep Families Together Act, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump

Letter to Rep and Senators Regarding New Congressional Freethought Caucus

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Loren Miller May 23, 2018. 3 Replies

The following letter has just been posted to the following Congresspersons:Congresswoman Marcia FudgeSenator Sherrod BrownSenator Rob Portmanand will be shortly followed by hard-copy letters sent by US Mail:As you well know, the United States was…Continue

Examine your state legislators

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Jan 1, 2018. 2 Replies

The Center for Public Integrity presents a data base of state level legislative conflicts of interest. Find your state legislators' financial interests…Continue

Tags: state political corruption

Action alerts and talking points

Started by Grinning Cat. Last reply by Grinning Cat Jun 13, 2017. 4 Replies

Where do you find useful information on issues to communicate with your legislators about, or talking points you might not have thought about for calling or writing them?Continue

Tags: representatives, legislators, congresscritters, senators, political actions

How are we doing ? As of February 17, 2017

Started by Joan Denoo Feb 17, 2017. 0 Replies

block H.R.958 elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency - Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act of 2017, 115th Congress (2017-2018) | (Became law)block Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court (Hearing is set for March 20)cosponsor and support S200,…Continue

Tags: support, confirmation, oppose, campaign, writing

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Comment by Joan Denoo on Wednesday

Emails sent to Senator Murray & Cantwell. Thanks for the information, Ruth!

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on Wednesday

Email to my congress critters:

I urge you to vote NO on the National Defense Authorization Act. There is no pressing reason for Congress to shower Trump, his Saudi friends, and the Pentagon contractors of the military-industrial complex with this $738-billion taxpayer giveaway right now.

Comment by Joan Denoo on October 13, 2019 at 8:56pm

Letters sent to my Senators. 

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on October 13, 2019 at 7:26pm

Letter to Senators:

I urge you to oppose William Pendley to head the Bureau of Land management. Pendley has made a career of dismantling and selling public lands. He’s a climate change denier. He’s publicly recommended that the BLM “sell all BLM lands East of the Mississippi.” Once again Trump favors the worst imaginable candidate.

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on September 25, 2019 at 7:36pm

Letter to Senators:

I strongly urge you to oppose Marshall Billingslea as Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights. No patriot would appoint a notorious advocate for torture, who already shamed and degraded the United States, as our chief moral defender of human rights.

This man is such an enthusiastic supporter of waterboarding, sleep, sensory and food deprivation, shackling in excruciating “stress positions,” tormenting with loud music and dogs, slamming people into walls, solitary confinement, exposure to extreme heat or cold and sexual humiliation that he was willing to lie to his Secretary of Defense. Donald Rumsfield approved all 35 illegal torture techniques, in part, because Billingslea completed the 2003 Pentagon interrogation working group report without the knowledge or approval of senior military and civilian members who had vehemently opposed many of the methods, lying about having complete group support.

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on August 17, 2019 at 2:23pm

Letter to senators:

I strongly urge you to oppose ethnonationalism advocate

Steven Menashi for a federal judgeship. He authored a paper arguing that ethnic diversity weakens a nation and that democracy needs ethnic homogeneity.

Our country was founded by people escaping religious persecution. Freedom of religion and separation of church and state are in the constitution. Yet President Donald Trump’s Labor Department just granted all federal contractors the “right” to “cite religious objections as a valid reason to discriminate against their workers on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, LGBTQ status, and other characteristics.” You cannot allow a quarter of all US employees to be subjugated to religious persecution. Moreover, any company wishing to improve their profit margin by discriminating against women or unmarried workers who are pregnant or parents or LGBT or racial or religious minorities now has a quick legal path to do so. One tiny federal contract, for example to provide soap to one facility, would instantly eliminate worker civil rights for their entire work force. This incentivizes employer lip service to phony religions to terrorize their workforce.

Comment by Grinning Cat on August 16, 2019 at 11:19am

Center for Inquiry alerts us about H.R. 3654, the "Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act of 2019" that would expand the definition of chiropractors as "physicians" for Medicare, not just for spinal manipulation but for any dangerous pseudoscientific nonsense a state allows them to practice.

I've called my congressman to oppose the bill, which has limited bipartisan cosponsorship.

More info:

Center for Inquiry: "As with naturopaths, chiropractors are on a long-term mission to pass laws that elevate them to the same status as genuine primary care physicians, with an equally expansive scope of practice—including prescribing authority."

RationalWiki: "The theory behind chiropractic... is actually a dismissed 19th century hypothesis that has never survived scientific scrutiny... It seems likely that much of the benefit of chiropractic comes from the 'laying on of hands' and listening to the patient. There is no reason to believe this is any better than standard massage therapy..."

"The scientific consensus is that chiropractic manipulation may be as effective as other forms of manual therapy for lower back pain, but that there is a known and documented risk of death due to chiropractic manipulation of the neck.

As well as occasionally killing or disabling its patients... the chiropractic profession is notorious for recommending... indefinite courses of treatment...

So, chiropractic works about as well as mainstream physiotherapy for some conditions, claims to treat conditions it can't, has a tendency to try to bleed you dry, and might kill you. The phrase 'not recommended' sums this up nicely."

Comment by Grinning Cat on August 5, 2019 at 9:35pm

p.s. on the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (HR 8): it has common-sense exceptions including loans or rentals at a shooting range, and loans or gifts between family members.

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on August 5, 2019 at 7:58pm

I too see Antifa as an anti-terrorist organization, despite their harassment of Nazis. According to the ADL (formerly called  Anti-Defamation League), It

... is important to reject attempts to claim equivalence between the antifa and the white supremacist groups they oppose. The antifa reject racism but use unacceptable tactics. White supremacists use even more extreme violence to spread their ideologies of hate, to intimidate ethnic minorities, and undermine democratic norms. Right-wing extremists have been one of the largest and most consistent sources of domestic terror incidents in the United States for many years; they have murdered hundreds of people in this country over the last ten years alone. To date, there have not been any known antifa-related murders.

Comment by Grinning Cat on August 5, 2019 at 3:10pm

WHAT?! Literally lumping Antifa together with the Klan and the Mafia. If anything Antifa is an anti-terrorist organization!

On another subject, and related to the two mass shootings this weekend (32 dead), in Dayton, Ohio and at the El Paso, Texas Wal-Mart, and the shooting a week ago at the Gilroy Garlic Festival -- I'm angry that mass shootings have become almost routine, and that H.R. 1112 (strengthening gun dealers' background check procedures) and especially H.R. 8 (Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, requiring background checks through licensed dealers for most private gun transfers), have been stalled in the Senate, not even in committee, since February!

Yes, some of the blame lies with Mitch McConnell, but surely he could be shamed if not procedurally overridden by a large enough majority of senators. Where are Republicans speaking up and demanding action? Why did almost no Republicans vote for these bills in the House? Why is this a goddamned partisan issue?!

I called my Republican Senator, demanding that he take action to prove that Republicans aren't the party of death.


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